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Publication and Submission Requierements



1. This is a peer-reviewed bi-annual journal.

2. This is a journal of law focusing on legal issues concerning law. Articles, case notes and comments, discussions of legislative development, book reviews and other similar type of papers which are written in Turkish and in other European languages are welcome.

3. Articles that will be sent to the editor should not be published elsewhere, nor be submitted to other journals simultaneously.

4. Articles should be submitted as Microsoft Word (either with. doc or. docx file extensions) documents (Microsoft Office 1998 or higher versions). Articles should be written according to the following style guidelines:
Paper size: A4
Top: 2.5 cm; Bottom: 2.5 cm; Left: 2 cm; Right: 2 cm
Text body: Times New Roman, 12 points, at 1.5 line spacing, justified
Footnotes: Times New Roman, 10 points, at 1 line spacing, justified

5. Softcopy of the article either on a CD or as an attached Microsoft Word Document via e-mail should be submitted to the editor. There is no need to submit any hardcopy of the article.

6. Along with the paper, the following must be submitted to the editor: the name, and the title of the author (authors), his/her institutional affiliation; his/her street address, telephone number (s) where he/she could be easily reached; his/her e-mail address (addresses), and the information about ORCID code which would be obtained through the web address of https://orcid.org and CV (should be attached photo)

7. Papers submitted to the Journal must have titles, and abstracts both in Turkish and in English. Abstracts should be included up to 160 words.

8. All articles should be accompanied by a sufficient number of keywords in Turkish and English that reflect the content of the article.

9. Citation footnotes and bibliography should be prepared in Oxford University Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA) style in the articles that are sent to journal.

10. All submissions are regarded as ready to publish and already proofread by the author himself.

11. All reviewers' evaluation reports will be kept for at least five years after publication and copies of these reports will be sent to the ULAKBİM (Turkish Akademic Network and Information Center) Law Database Committee whenever required.

12. Each Publisher issue of the Journal will be uplouded as a PDF file to the Online Journal Watch System of ULAKBİM (ODİS). Also two copies of the published issue will be delivered to ULAKBİM by cargo.

13. Free copies of the published issue will be sent both to the author (s) and to the reviewer (s).

Reviewer Evaluation System

14. After the initial assessment of the articles is completed by the editorial board, the articles will be submitted to a peer reviewer anonymously. In accordance with the reviewer's report, editing may be requested, the article may get published, or the article may be rejected. The author shall be notified of the decision as soon as possible. The editorial board shall submit the final, or the edited article to the peer reviewer one more time.

15. For each paper there would be at least two reviewers; when these two reviewers have conflicting opinions, either the editor or a third reviewer will be consulted.

16. All articles submitted are subject to a blind peer review. The identity of the author (s) and reviewer (s) will not be revealed to the other party.